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This week Chez Fleur’s Bouquet Bar have a fabulous selection of pretty pink flowers to tempt you – on sale at Pepperbox Interiors from Thursday 28 September.   This new way of buying flowers enables you to arrange fabulous displays at home which you can create using step by step instructions.  Each week a different assortment of flowers priced at £27.50 will be selected – colourful or pastel, dramatic or romantic – they will always vary so check in each week to see the latest collection!  

This week we have a fabulous mix of soft pinks and contrasting deeper shades with  the fabulous Amaranthus Rosary and scented Tuberose plus lots more – here’s how to arrange them:

First pour in a small amount of water to the vase*and carefully add the flower food.  (For a professional finish wipe any splashes on the inside of the glass before you add the flowers).  Start with the flowers as in the photo (left to right):

Lilium Santander, Ornithogalum Saundersiae, Polianthes Tuberosa and Bouvardia En Roza:  

Place them in the vase evenly apart crossing their stems as you go:  

Next, select the Amaranthus Rozary, Bupleurum Griffithi, Rosa Babyface and Pink Delphinium:

Repeat the process of crossing the stems as you add them to the vase.  Make sure all stems reach the water:

Finally add the Dianthus Antiqua, Panicum Fountain, Celosia Bossa and Campanula Champion Pink ensuring all the stems are in the water:

Then make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the finished arrangement:


* Glass vase £22.50 – available from Pepperbox or to order via Chez Fleur

Follow these simple steps to help your flowers last a week or more:

  • re cut each stem at an angle before adding to the vase 
  • use the flower food provided
  • change the water after 3-4 days
  • remove faded flowers as required – some will last longer than others.  
  • add the raffia from the wrapping to the outside of the vase
  • place the flowers away from heat source, bright sunshine and drafts 
  • flowers look their best when viewed from above so we recommend you don’t place the vase too high up 
  • remember to pop back next week to Pepperbox for the latest selection of Bouquet Bar flowers
  • each week, take a look at the latest blog post for tips on arranging your new flowers!
  • if you’d like to pre-order next week’s flowers please contact Belinda to order


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