Eco-friendly funeral tributes

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The problem of foam used in funeral tributes cannot be overstated – literally thousands of tonnes of used foam blocks are dumped in landfill every year from churchyards and cemeteries. Quite apart from the sheer volume of space they take up, most people are completely unaware that these green blocks of used foam will not biodegrade for thousands of years. In addition, because floral foam is used wet and therefore soaked to prepare it for use it is undoubtedly adding to the problem of microplastic contamination in aquatic environments. To prepare a foam tribute the blocks are first soaked in water and when they are removed tiny microplastic particles remain in the water and are washed away into the water system where they will eventually be deposited into the oceans and become a very real threat to marine life. Consider this – it is a sobering thought that the person for whom the tribute has been made will have long gone before the foam tribute atop is anywhere near disappearing! But, the good news is there are alternatives, and these are becoming more popular as consumers realise the damage done to the environment with the unnecessary use of floral foam. Take a moment to look at the photos above illustrating a beautiful tribute using red dogwood with a minimal base of biodegradable copper mesh into which stems are woven to build up a base before the stunning red roses, berried ivy and clematis are added. I urge you to please consider this type of tribute rather than a foam based one – letters spelling out the name of the deceased, ‘Mum’ or ‘Grandma’ etc. (or shaped to reflect the interest of the deceased e.g. a football) will inevitably have been made with foam. Would you really want to be adding to the environmental problem of single use plastics at such a time? Please contact Belinda for more information –

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