Hydrangea wreaths available NOW!

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This week Chez Fleur’s Bouquet Bar are featuring gorgeous hydrangea wreaths made from locally grown plants.  These wreaths look fabulous hung on the front door or, hung inside, they will dry out gradually and retain their colour for many months.  They look so stylish placed around a hurricane candle light* on a country dining table or hang inside an empty picture frame for an instant makeover!  The wreaths are available now from Pepperbox in Cuckfield priced at £27.50 and to order from belinda@chezfleur.co.uk.  Below are a few examples of the splendid hydrangea colours that the wreaths can be made from:

*hurricane glass vase available from Pepperbox or Chez Fleur at £19.50

















If you have a hydrangea plant in your garden and would like to receive a FREE wreath please get in touch to find out how!

Follow these simple steps to prolong the colours in your  wreath:

  • hung outside the wreath will be subject to cold damp air and will last 10-14 days
  • to prolong life hang wreath inside in an airy space and allow to dry naturally
  • remove brown petals as required – some will last longer than others.  

 The bouquet bar will be back next week with a new selection of flowers – if you’d like to pre-order please contact Belinda to order


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