The right tools for the job!

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Hello folks – I’m on a mission!  I am constantly amazed at how many people try to cut flowers with kitchen scissors.  They really are not sharp enough and mash up the stems giving a poor cut.  If you think about it a hairdresser uses scissors which are only ever used to cut hair, ditto a seamstress only uses specific scissors for cutting fabric,  and at home we only use nail scissors for the task they were designed to do!  So, if you’re cutting flowers why not treat yourself to a good pair of carbon blade scissors and make light work of your flower arranging?

My latest favourites are these Japanese snips by Niwaki – they are seriously sharp but have a clever safety strip to keep them closed and a plastic guard for the top.  The bright coloured handles help to ensure you can spot them amongst the foliage – nothing more annoying than realising you’ve tipped your scissors into the recycling bin along with all your cuttings!   They can cut through woody stems as well as making a clean cut on softer stems – keep them handy and make sure you only use them for your flowers so they stay sharp and ready for action!

You can buy* Niwaki snips from Chez Fleur for just £12 a pair (+£2.95 p&p) email to order

* you must be over 18 to order


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